*~In my field of paper flowers`* An angel's Song*~


*~in my field of paper flowers~ *
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for lovers of the band, its members (esp AMY), the lyrics, and the music.

for those of you who hold this claim (even if you don't get that result =^_^=:
You're an ultimate Evanescence fan!!! You should be
proud!!! Congratulations! ^^

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To post icons, pix, stories, CONCERT PIX!

friend comm ev_icons
Memories can be found HERE HERE
Amy Lee/Evanescence pictures can be found HERE (under media, and then pics)
The offical website is http://www.evanescence.com/

because of some drama in the community,
I have added rules to the information

The community rules are as follows:

*All posts MUST be Amy Lee/Evanescence related (including stuff about bands that sound alike, other members of the band, tickets, links, etc (within reason). Any post not within reason will be deleted.

*Don't disable comments/no anonymous posting. Please, seriously, it sucks.

*Do NOT ask about hosting (google/yahoo/search engines in general are your friend) Try http://www.photobucket.com for picture hosting.

*Do Not "always" type like this: aMy lEe iS sO CoOl
(also within reason)
you can type like that, just don't make it a habit.
It's a bad one, and habits are hard to break.

*As we all know, some people enjoy checking LJ from work/school/around kids. Should a post not be appropriate for a work or school environment, please put it behind an LJ cut tag that lets people know it's not safe to view from such a place. (also please use good taste within posts, any abuser's post will be deleted and they will be banned)

*If pictures are HUGE in your post cut it! Instructions on how to use the LJ cut can be found in faqs. There are no excuses for not using a cut where it is needed. Any post violating this rule is subject to being deleted without notice (you will not be banned for this, within reason). Should a picture that is entirely too inappropriate be posted without a cut and warning, the post will be deleted and the user making the post will be banned (after reasonable warning). We're not looking to get anyone fired from work or in trouble at school or scar any small children.

*SAME goes with long posts
FROM now on, please cut them, as not to take up friend's list space.

*FOR NOW, Flaming is NOT against the rules (trust me,I know, that sucks as well as anyone does).
If you join this community, bring your sense of humor and thick skin or your ability to ignore other users (that aren't worth arguing with and wasting your time). We will not be banning anyone for flamming (currently). Flaming is defined (by me) as something that might take place inside the community. Should harrassment leave the community, so do you. (also, if a user continues making inappropriate flamming posts/comments that may also be seen as harrassment)

*Anything that is against the LJ Terms of Service is against the rules here, too. Use common sense.

*Do NOT advertise/promote communities or websites here (that have nothing to do with the community).

*Do NOT post quiz results here that no not pertain to the community. (you may post related quiz/survey results)

*Do NOT create an account strictly to harrass or mock another member. On the same token, do NOT take an icon belonging to another member and alter it to harrass and/or mock ANY member of the community(also don't take other user's icons/other property without their permission). Anyone caught doing such a thing will be banned from the community. IP logging is a friend to moderators everywhere, A.L.F. is no exception.

*The FAQ is your friend. PLEASE USE IT.

*I am not a moody mod
I am not out to ban people (I hope I never have to in this community)
I don't take my life out on members like some mods do.
I will Not be taking sides,
but I will enforce the rules (with in reason and/or fairness (in my oppinion)).

thank you for joining
have fun!
follow the rules
only you can prevent forest fires


Continued breaking of the rules will result in the violator being removed and banned from the community. Ultimately, the moderator of this community makes the final decision when it comes to banning a member of the community.

If you need to contact the maintainer, please leave a comment in my journal ferretsnax (the posts will be emailed to me) also (most spam or flamming will just be deleted and/or reported and is just a waste of your time and mine, so don't post that) also you can IM me on AIM (please let me know who you are(aka that you're from the community), also I am RARELY ever on)
You may contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns pertaining to the community.
Thank you,

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